Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 Signs of a Healthy Baby

Even if you fear you don't know the first thing about newborns, after a few weeks with your own little darling, you start to hear a difference between his hungry and tired cries. You know how he prefers to be rocked and burped. You grow more confident about your parenting skills. If it weren't for the exhaustion and the hormonal overload, you'd feel like you have everything under control. But all it takes is a small, paranoid though -- is my baby eating enough? Is all this crying unusual? -- and you can easily fall into a spiral of anxious concern..

So you search around online and read the comforting, vague phrases: "Healthy babies exhibit a wide range of behaviors, appearances, and temperaments." Question is, how do you know that your baby is happy and developing normally? To help reassure you, we've assembled a list of indicators to watch for that prove an infant is doing just fine.

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