Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gardening With Kids

For most budding imaginations, gardens are magical places. And if you keep yours simple and choose hardy, quick-growing varietals, it can become an airy classroom. Gardening teaches kids patience, as well as where fresh food comes from. Watching tiny radishes, a bright tangle of morning glories, or an oversize pumpkin grow from a handful of seeds is thrilling to even the most indoor-centered child. Most important, early enthusiasm for plants can translate to environmental stewardship in adulthood.
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cats said...

HI! Love the post! Kids can learn SO MUCH from gardening. Even "just the food" part is valuable, but it can mean so much more. A feeling of connection to the EARTH is a HUGE thing!

Erika sent us a great story about teaching her children to value LEARNING through gardening. Great video, check it out here:

Hope you like it!

-Mike / Mutual of Omaha