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Baby Shower Etiquette – Information and Guidelines by Bill Pool

Baby Shower Etiquette – Information and Guidelines by Bill Pool

Whether you’ve hosted baby showers before or not, possibilities are you’ve got some questions regarding the right baby shower etiquette. You would like to generate a truly awesome time for the guest of honor without any unintended blunders. This guide was exclusively made to help you get there.

Take the needs of the mother-to-be into account at every level. That involves all other aspects of the baby shower including games, food and the invitation list.

Baby showers can either be before or after baby is born. Commonly, they’re held 1 or 2 months before due date. But they are also held after baby arrives due to medical or other reasons.

These days, it is flawlessly ok for a close relative or even the couple themselves to host a shower. The rules stating only non-relatives or friends only hosting a baby shower are rather dated now days.

Before deciding on the type of baby shower you plan to hold, girls-only or coed, theme or no theme and so on, you should consult mother-to-be and find out what she prefers.

What guests do you invite? Generally, anyone the mother-to-be thinks she should call. She’s the optimum guide here.

Do you constantly need to send written baby shower invitations? It is generally the more appropriate option. Using a written invitation, guests have all details at his or her fingertips and need not rely on memory. Plus, you can and often should include directions describing where to go.

At the same time, it's fine to merely tell people on the phone. Tell them well ahead of time, though. So they'll have acceptable time to buy gifts, arrange for a baby sitter, etc. Leave your contact number with each one so they can contact you easily if they need any direction or other information.

Holding a surprise baby shower can be a great feeling for the expectant mother. But do consult a person close to her that knows about her preference wishes in all situations.

Send out shower invitations at minimum 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Send them earlier for out of town family or guests. Make sure they respond by a date two weeks before the baby shower will be held.

If you’re holding a coed shower, you might turn the guys off if you send frilly baby pink invites full of baby talk. Send neutral, trendy invitations.

Register for gifts at only one site. Else mother-to-be may end up getting duplicate gifts she may have to return. Guests may be disappointed if they find that another person has chosen the same gift they have.

While giving gift suggestions, include items at a variety of prices, not merely high-ticket items. You can suggest that guests can get together to acquire more expensive items.

If there's older siblings, make sure they receive a gift each. They may be feeling a little left out with a new baby on the way, so this is a wonderful idea.

Also whether it’s a coed baby shower or not, buy a gift for the dad-to-be. He will be happy that he was remembered too.

Write down who gave each gift. Important information when it comes time to send out the thank you cards! It's important baby shower etiquette to send out thank you cards.

Hand gifts to mother-to-be for her to open and take it from her once she’s completed with it. This'll save her the hassle of continually getting up to pick up gifts.

Occasionally, some guests may need to leave early. They’ll enjoy it if mother-to-be will open presents while everyone is eating.

Food and related arrangements deserve exclusive attention. Remember, expectant mothers can’t eat everything they ordinarily would.

Begin the baby shower on time and keep it fairly short. Be conscious of mother-to-be’s level of energy and any signs that she's may be tiring. Bring the party to an end if she’s starting to feel run down. Be sure to thank guests for coming as they leave.

Don’t expect that the party will go as planned. No baby shower will ever go perfectly. There’s constantly the unforeseen, power goes off merely as gifts are being opened, you forgot to dust one corner of the room, the pack of baby shower favors you opened before the party, turns out to be a different color than you ordered and so on. Sometimes things will and can be out of your control.

Once you’ve understood these very easy baby shower etiquette guidelines, you’ll be far more confident about hosting a baby shower. Have fun, and make a special time that will live on in everyone’s memories!

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