Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Baby Showers

Remember the traditional baby shower, with its baby-themed games, gifts , and no husbands?  While these still remain, baby showers have evolved. Here are a few fresh new ideas!

The green shower

Green is in!  From organic cotton clothing, to cloth diapers and eco-friendly toys, the possibilities are endless. Some moms even request "gently worn" clothing to continue the upcycle theme.   Continue the green theme by giving small potted plants as party favors, serving a farm to table buffet and using paperless invites.

The dad shower

Why should dads  be left out?  Have a "Diapers for Dads" shower, inviting all the guys over for a BBQ and card game.  Just have them bring over a box of diapers and have some guy time fun.

The gender reveal shower

Instead of finding out your baby's sex via ultrasound, why not share the big moment with all your family and friends at your shower?
Ask your  doctor not to divulge the baby's gender to you.  Instead, ask them to write the baby's gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope which is then given to your shower hostess. Your  hostess then  prepares a cake with either pink or blue frosting hidden on the inside which then reveals the baby's sex with the very first slice of cake.

The sprinkle

What if you are  a second or third time mom with plenty of hand me downs?  That's when you need a "sprinkle" rather than a shower.
Have guests bring diapers, gift cards, babysitting  coupons or frozen meals to stock the freezer with for after baby's birth.  

The Registry

Registering for baby gifts is a great idea.  That way your guests know exactly what you need and for  those who are unable to attend, they can ship the gift directly to your home.
 Atterdag Kids Baby Registry offers a wonderful selection of boutique baby gifts.  Gift wrapping is available  and they ship anywhere in the world!