Monday, November 12, 2007

New moms, get rid of the old sweats, reclaim your hipness!

You've weathered the childbirth aftershocks and have been happily cocooned with your snuggly baby for weeks, or even months now. You're still finding time to shower, most days, but comfy sweat pants have replaced the tailored slacks you once wore to the office. And your makeup and hair dryer? They've become abandoned relics of a more carefree, leisurely era.

But a time comes when every new mom must reclaim some degree of her former hipness. For the sake of your sanity, your friendships and maybe even your marriage, it's time to become a Hip Mama.

Even if you're on a tight budget, our tips can help you feel your best even on the days when you have run out of diapers, can't find your car keys (again) and have just discovered you've been walking around for hours with spit-up on your shoulder (again!).

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